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WIP : Hasegawa 1/72 F-16A ADF ‘AMI’ Pt. 4

It took a few rounds but the salt weathering is done.

It’s still a bit subtle but I think it should look better after some weathering with oil paints.

The F-16 I’m modeling requires a black tail and pattern on the nose so I masked and sprayed Black Grey for this. After a day of curing, it was time for a gloss coat. I managed to get my hands on AK Interactive’s new Intermediate Gauzy Agent Shine Enhancer. This went on really easily straight out of the bottle and doesn’t affect the hue of the color underneath. Plus it works for both metal and normal colors. Nice.

I managed to lose one of the drop tanks and its pylon so I ended up grabbing a new pair from an Academy F-16 kit. These have much better details than the originals but to be fair to the Hasegawa kit, it’s at least 25 years old. I decided to arm my F-16 with only 1 AIM-120 and 1 AIM-9 as per configured for QRA (Quick Reaction Alert).

The gloss coat dried to the touch within 10 minutes but I let it cure for 24 hours before starting on the decals. For this F-16, it will wear the special Diana markings from 5 Stormo from April to June 2010. Decals are from TwoBobs. As usual, these went on very easily. The roundels are typical of TwoBobs: 2 layers stacked on top of each other but the Diana markings themselves are single layers.

This particular F-16 had a very clean tail but the fuselage was quite weathered. Hopefully I can pull it off.

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