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WIP : Hasegawa 1/72 F-16A ADF ‘AMI’ Pt. 3

OK… another Queen off the shelf.

Painting begins with trying something new. While painting the P-51, I sprayed the leftover paint in the cup on the F-16 in a random pattern. The intention is to have a randomly colored base to cause some variation in the main colors.

I then smoothen the base coat with a 3M sponge. The AMI F-16 colors are the newer 2 tone grays: FS36270 and FS36118. I went with Vallejo Model Color Medium Sea Grey for the lighter gray and Mig AMMO Medium Gunship Grey for the darker tone. The Mig AMMO paint comes thinner than the Vallejo but coverage was still quite good.

The randomly colored base coat shows through on the light gray but it’s subtler on the dark gray.

I decided to try to make the camouflage more patchy with salt weathering. First an experiment with a tail stab. I sprayed water all over the part and then sprinkled table salt on it. Once the water has evaporated, I sprayed a slightly thinned mix of Medium Gunship Grey. I only did a light misting coat. Then I rubbed off the salt and wiped clean with water.

The effect works but I think an even lighter toned mist coat would work better. It’s a bit too subtle as is. Anyway, more work needs to be done.

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